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Cyprus villas for sale

Mediate in the sale and rental of villas with swimming pools, houses, flats, apartments and plots of Cyprus both developers as well as the secondary market. Take advantage of our real estate for sale and lease, in which you can find for yourself a few thousand current and interesting quotes online.

Cyprus is a good place for you, your family and your business.

Wonderful beaches, sunny weather, tax haven, positive GDP, the security of EU investors

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Search for real estate in the most beautiful areas of Cyprus in the immediate vicinity of the azure blue sea and the major resorts landmarks such as Ayia Napa, Protaras, Ayia Thekla, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol or in a quiet neighborhood of traditional fishing ports and villages in the mountainous and central parts of Cyprus or littoral outskirts of Cyprus. Long and rich experience of our cooperation partners with clients different countries allows us to an individual approach to the needs of each customer as well as to minimize costs through which we offer is one of the cheapest and most attractive real estate market in Cyprus. Our buildings are finished according to the individual needs of our customers by way of finishing the building "turnkey". Our offer is addressed both for those who are looking for an apartment or house in warm countries for the summer holidays, as well as for those who want to change their lives and change their place of residence on a permanent basis. In addition, we offer investors and developers have perfectly situated plot (land) under development by the sea in the immediate vicinity of such tourist resorts. We also offer their help and experience in obtaining a mortgage in the National Bank of Cyprus and on all kinds of formalities or by starting a company in Cyprus.

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We assist in the purchase of real estate Cyprus deposited only after the Greek part of the island, such as areas of Famagusta, Larnaca (Larnaka), Limmasol, Paphos, Nickosia and the Troodos mountains. We recommend the property located along the popular tourist resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras.

Cypriot food

Cypriot food

Cypriot cuisine as Mediterranean cuisine is one of the tastiest and healthiest in the world. Its uniqueness is due influenced cuisine such as Greek, Turkish, Asian and brytyjkska. Cyprus dishes are filled with variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables and preparing meals during the reigns of the world best extra virgin olive oil from olive groves Cypriots. The meats are well seasoned local and imported spices from the East and the gourmets offers a variety of seafood and still fresh delicacies from the sea crystal Mediterranean.

cyprus food food on cyprus

The basis of Cypriot cuisine are legumes, delicious Cypriot tomatoes, cheese and many different kinds of green vegetables. Among the most common breads on Cyprus to meet handmade pita, baked in the traditional way on restaurant and domestic wood-fired ovens olive stone. One of the most popular dishes in the kitchen is a Cypriot meze. This is usually a few or even several starters - food, served in small bowls separately with bread and a good Cypriot wine. Almost in every kitchen, so in that of Cyprus without a delicious treat. The majority are desserts made with puff pastry, layered with honey and walnuts famous baklavas, or French with creamy milk and eggs, galaktopoureko. There are many places where you can meet delicious ice cream manufactured in small local dairies. Often, their taste is much more expressive and more interesting than those which we know from our stores. In the south of the island are very popular ice cream, milk shakes różnosmakowe. Desserts Cypriots which is famous for delicious pancakes with sweet filling.

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cyprus

Diving in Cypriot waters classified at the forefront of the world's top 10 because of the good condition of the sea. Mediterranean Sea is ideal for diving in Cyprus, both for beginners, as it is extremely clear water, gentle incline descent and a huge amount of underwater creatures that you can enjoy at your fingertips. Experienced divers will be pleased to numerous underwater caves, grottoes, old ship wrecks including gradkom for diving which is the wreck of Zenobia, which ranks in the top 10 dive sites in the world. Dive in Cyprus can practically all year round. Ideal time for diving summer vacation months are from May to October, when the water temperature can reach up to 27 ° C. Each coastal city has a variety of diving points to respond to the different levels of experience and tastes, from the water caves and wrecks fish reserves and underwater islands.

Troodos - Cyprus Mountains

Dla lovers of mountains and hills we have good news. In Cyprus, you can find the famous mountain range with a height close to the Polish Tatras. Located in the western part of the island called the Troodos mountains are divided into four parts, which at one point with a height of Olympus combines nearly 2000 meters. Pitsillia, Solea, Marathasa Halley and Krasochoria. Each of these regions has a slightly different character. For example, lying in the east of the mountains, it Pitsillia flower capital of Cyprus. Wild, captivate riot of colors. Krasochoria that while the region that connects one - wine. It is here that are called. wine village, whose inhabitants remain just drink production, including the most famous, red dry wine of Cyprus, which is appreciated all over the world. Walking through the Troodos mountains, be sure to stop in Kykkos monastery, the most famous of its kind on the island. Built at the end of the eleventh century, Kykkos attracts wealth - that here are made with masterful precision, icons, and a collection of ancient monuments - the pearl of the monastery museum - breathtaking. The area is also a thirteenth-century monastery Trooditissa, which attracts lovers icons, and Mesa Potasom, though abandoned, is located in a place you simply do not want to leave. Mountain is not only the monasteries and churches (of which ten were sent to the UNESCO World Heritage Site). It's also a number of villages that - not exposed to attacks by invaders - for years remained almost unchanged. It was there, nowhere else can breathe a memory of history. You can feel the peace and quiet. Typically Cypriot taste of slow living - where time loses its meaning. It's finally here, Troodos mountains, a break from the tourist crowds can be focused on the beaches and discover the true Cyprus. Cyprus such, it was before the need for change in the resting place coast across Europe.

Churches in Cyprus

Churches in Cyprus Churches Cyprus

For spiritual Christians we have great news. Cyprus is a myriad of ever-open the church, churches and chapels, offering solace to every soul through prayer in a climate still burned candles and incense. Cypriot churches are incorporated in the stunning views of the azure blue sea and beautiful Troodos mountains. For each day and night, offering peace and of all taking in the voice of God whispering a prayer, the wind and the sound of the sea in the distance. This holy and beloved places for the glory of God. Among the many great and famous basilicas and monasteries is the Basilica of St. Lazarus. Lazarus is the patron saint of the city of Larnaca, which in ancient times was called Kition. After the resurrection of Lazarus Kition became his second home, where he spent 30 years of his life. It was named by the apostles Barnabas and Mark, as Bishop of Kition. Emperor Leo VI was built in the 9th century, the tomb of St. Lazarus Church, which is one of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture. In the 17th century the church was originally restored. The iconostasis is an outstanding example of the art of wood carving. At the sanctuary, you can still visit the tomb of the saint Lazarus resurrected by Jesus Christ.

Real Estate Cyprus

We offer luxury homes and villas located directly on one of the most beautiful beach in the world necessarily pure crystalline warm butts which the swimming or diving is a pleasure. One such approach is to located the comfort of the coast of Protaras villa has 5 bedrooms, private swimming pool located on the beach. Placing the residence blue wave is probably one of the most beautiful place in Cyprus also throughout the Mediterranean. The beach is directly in front of the villa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus but not nearly as populated this area of ​​Cyprus, the exact location is free from the tourist crowds. The beach here is of fine sand with a green belt, grass and palm trees. Spacious pool and hot tub is constructed and placed so as to give him the best possible floating sea view directly at the residence's garden and many green areas where palm trees, figs and lemon trees and olive trees. Residence built in the immediate vicinity of the beach and gentle lifting which gives a very attractive view of the sea from inside, creating a kind of feeling as if the sea was beginning to directly bordering the windows. As that the color of the sea in this part of Cyprus is the most beautiful sight he is here exceptionally saturation eye. The whole terrace with a swimming pool finished with high quality easily washable, resistant ceramic tiles. Interior house is open and airy spaces finished to the highest quality materials. High-quality furnishings in a modern style combined with the practicality of giving guarantees attractive and comfortable to use every day. High-end home appliances perform all Kitchen and household tasks. Throughout the residence and in the terrace to the beach you can enjoy local wifi network offering fast Internet connection. Satellite reception will provide state favorite TV and radio channels. The residence has a modern alarm system and continuous monitoring. They installed a modern system of central air conditioning and heating, and lighting using LED object. Part of the project is energy efficient, eco-friendly, the house has solar heating all year round solar type.

We provide for you also buy real estate in Protaras, including in the area in the form of apartments, holiday homes, villas with pools, terraced houses and commercial real estate. Deciding to buy real estate in Protaras take you an excellent decision because the surrounding areas are undoubtedly the most beautiful, najspokojniejszymi in Cyprus, with beautiful beaches, what more temperatures in the region of Cyprus are often higher than for example in Paphos or Limassol. Real Estate in Protaras and therefore the entire Greek region of Famagusta are at good prices, lower than eg. In Limassol, are closely positioned relative to the sea, because the entire region Protaras stretches along the coastline. This region also has a good connection with other towns including the international airport in Larnaca away from Protaras by about 40 minutes.

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Cyprus property

In our offer you will find villas with pools located in the modern coastal settlements at the famous tourist resorts.

House for sale Cyprus

Cyprus land for sale

For investors, we also have large areas of land, located in the immediate vicinity of the sea and tourist agglomeration.


Apartments in Cyprus

We also offer residential apartments - low-rise apartment buildings do with swimming pools deposited by the sea.